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Why isnt the fresh water appearing on the world map?

For some reason the places where fresh water is avalible isnt not replenishing its self. So my only option is for getting fresh water is invading my sisters game and stealing her fresh water

Accepted Answer

Tekkaman_James answered:

Each person's item respawn rate varies, but waiting a good 2-3 hours should do the trick. Additionally, saving at the Church and then turning off the system resets the timer and causes you to have to wait all over again. Quick Saves, however, do not reset the respawn timer.

What I usually do is; save at the Church and choose to keep playing, then save using a Quick Save and turn off the system. This way, you won't reset the respawn timer and you'll have a good backup of your progress in case you accidentally forget to save again after you've reloaded the Quick Save.
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mudkipchow answered:

- You should atleast wait for a while (atleast 2 hrs. or 3).
- If not save and turn off.
- I think there are atleast 2 places to get it ( The waterfalls and I think a treetrunk filled with water)
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