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How do i get my boat bak after i get wiped on it?

I just beat the Tyrantula and got the boat from th old dude at the dock. So i was traveling at sea almost dead anyways with my party when sudently i get into a battle (i was sorta expecting that to happen thouggh). The enimies wipe my party so end up in the stornway church (i always save there) then i got bak to the dock at bloomsdale expecting where that my boat is there but it isnt. Can some1 plz tell me how to get my boat bak? Pweeeez! thx

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rh3ia answered:

Once you set off for sail first try, your boat is always in a different place.On the mini map you will see a purple boat shaped icon. That is your boat. It is in all of the areas in the game, accept the Gittish empire which is one of the final areas of the game.
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jacka123 answered:

If you you zoom somewhere your boat will appear somewhere on the shore near that place.
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