Question from epic_Neko

Can someone tell me how...?

How can i get my boat bak after being wiped on it. I just got the boat and i got wiped on it so i went bak to bloomsdale but its not there. Can some1 tell me how to get it bak?


LuzanelL answered:

Zoom or use a Chimaera Wing to another city, the boat will be on the nearest ocean access, represented in your map by a purple !
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dancinkayley answered:

I got stuck by the same thing too :) The map is pretty deceiving as it looks as though your boat is in Bloomsdale but it's not.

If you are in Bloomsdale, leave the city and go south-west-ish from the city gates. You should find your boat.
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rh3ia answered:

Once you set off for sail first try, your boat is always in a different place.On the mini map you will see a purple boat shaped icon. That is your boat. It is in all of the areas in the game, accept the Gittish empire which is one of the final areas of the game. Look around and you will find it in all game areas.
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cheesepuff121 answered:

Exactly what rh3ia said- the boat follws you around,but it never docks IN Blomingdale unless you disembark there yourself.
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