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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I solve quest 107?

I am playing it right now and damage isnt deflecting off my paladin. Help?!?!!?

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From: Immature_Sage 4 years ago

When I performed that quest, I had the same problem. The problem is that you probably have too many defense points. I will advice you to equip weaker armor and a weaker weapon. The more damage you receive, the more damage will be bounced back. If you receive about 10 to 30 points of damage only a little will be bounced back. The way I did it was to equip the lamest armor (and it still wasn't enough) and do the skill Double Up to reduce defense further. Experiment with equipment because I had already beaten the toughest Grotto Boss when I did this.Then (watching out you are fighting only ONE armor and not be in danger of death) you hit it once (bare handed or with a lame weapon, they only have 125 HP at the most) then use pincushion to bounce back enough damage to kill the sucker. The good thing about this quest is that you only need to kill three of the Infernal Armours in this manner.

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