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Does a specific character have to beat vocation quest?

I want a character to become an armamentalist. I know I need a mage (mage skill points) to do wizard ward for the quest. Does my mage have to become an ARM or can anyone in the party?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if I missed this question elsewhere.

SeaMoon2902 provided additional details:

I had meant does the character that completes the quest have to be the one to become the ARM, but I realized that once a quest is completed, any character in your party can become the ARM, not necessarily the one who used Wizard Ward. But thanks for the answer.

Accepted Answer

Immature_Sage answered:

There is no need for you to be a specific vocation to clear a vocation quest as long as you have the abilities needed to do it, the level to activate the quest and fill the conditions of the quest. So, again, you do not need to be a specific vocation as long as you fulfill the conditions of the quest.
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