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When Patty, Erinn, and Aquilla join the party?

Do they basically join like any other new character? I guess what I'm asking is if having them join means I'll have to start leveling all of their jobs from level 1 again (In which case it really wouldn't be worth having them on the team)


yab answered:

They join after finishing their quests, you have to finish the main game though.
Erinn starts at level 1, Patty is level 28 I think, and Aquila is level 60.
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Eblackrose answered:

I'm expanding on yab's answer, but yes, they do join after their quest is completed. They are DLC quests and can only be completed after the main story is done. Erinn starts as a Level 1 Mage, Patty is a Level 28 Thief, and Aquila is a Level 60 Warrior. Patty also has skill points saved up that you can distribute, and I can't remember if Aquila has them. . . If you don't want Patty or Aquila to be that class, then yes, you would have to level them from Level 1. You don't quite have to worry about Erinn with this aspect because she starts as Level 1 anyway.
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