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Have I got a good team???

I am scared of my party being wiped out in the Realm of the Mighty because I'm not sure if my team is powerful enough.
Her are my stats:

Rheia (hero) lvl 50 paladin 100 skill with spears.
Susiee lvl 50 gladiator 100 skill with axes.
Yuki lvl 55 marshal artist 100 skill with claws.
Watson lvl 51 mage 65 skill with knifes (accsedently put 23 skill on wands)

Is my team good enough to beat down Corvus?

rh3ia provided additional details:

I know he has two forms, because two boys in my class have done the game all the way through 3-4 times and they told me! But I want to know kinda what spells/ ability's I should use, and I don't have enough time to train one of my characters as a priest because they are all too high levels, plus, me and my best friend are having a race to see who can finish the game first.(It was her idea)So I want to know a good STRATEGY for killing him first or second time. (P.S. Susiee has the 'Gladiator's Guide' and Yuki has 'Core of the Claw' I am training for the axes 100, knifes 30, spears 100, marshal artist 40, paladin 15 and mage's 40 quests.)

rh3ia provided additional details:

Today I learnt the ultimate spear skill, and I did some levelling:

Rheia(hero) lvl 51 47 skill virtue
Susiee lvl 51 53 skill guts
Watson lvl 52 48 skill spellcraft
Yuki lvl 56 80 focus

you already know my classes.

Plus, if you are wondering, Paladins learn buff, kabuff, heal, midheal and magic barrier that protects the whole party from magic if that is useful.Rheia and Yuki know psyche up, Rheia odveousely knows egg on, and both of us know War cry.Will they be useful???

rh3ia provided additional details:

My mage knows spells up to kaboom.
The ultimate skills for the claws and spears are awesome.
Susiee has an axe from the secret shop in Dourbridge.
My best friend has already defeated Gooram-Hogg in the Realm of the Mighty!

I'm still not sure because I haven't finished stocking up on Yeggarasill leafs, or dews.

Accepted Answer

blazingboy116 answered:

hmmm without a healer thatll be almost impossible and i never knew u were racing with a friend.ok you need alot of those yggdrasil leafs if u want it without a priest and do you have anyone in your team that can heal?? you really need one because he can do really high dmg sometimes. and those items u have there are useful in that battle.but i never actually trained claws so i dont know what it does.XD and if u change your mind about training a priest i know how u can train one fast. just train her/him with spears and train your spear to 58 to get the move thunder thrust.the blowhole is where the liquid metal slimes are if u didnt know train there and just take 2 ppl the priest and your gladiator. your gladiator to kill the metal slimes if youre priest cant is spears yet.but thats only if u want to train one.all you need is healing skills/items and revival items and make the tension of your gladiator to 100 and use multithrust it should do about 3000-3500 dmg since you dont have the move oomph to power yourself up up but just try would have to be really lucky corvus doesnt use that wave that takes all your power ups off and do power up your defenses like i said at top.and i just notice right know that u only have 1 good magic user XD. so yeah just try what i said
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blazingboy116 answered:

do you have good healing skills? like a priest is a good one. the priest has this skill called multiheal if you train her/him enough you can get it and it heals the whole team. and if u have that skill or something like that then you are ready. I beat mine with a paladin,priest,martial artist,and an elementor or elementor had a bow and i boosted his tension lvl to 100 and did an arrow attack (i forgot what its called but but u need high enough lvl for bow) and i dealt about 700-850 dmg each shot and i think corvus has about almost 7000 life or lower/higher.oh and paladin dont ever take him away HE IS really important to the team.and theres also something about co-op skill (i forgot the name) once all your characters have their special abilities use it altogether i think to get the co-op move i never got to use it but u can pick from 4 selections i was planning to choose the one that makes you invincible for 2 rounds so u may want that.but thats my opinion use whatever u think is best.i gave u all the help i can so Good Luck beating him
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blazingboy116 answered:

Oh and power up your defenses the paladin can do that i think(havent played a long time but still remember) if he uses that move that takes off every power up you have put your defenses up no matter what and if u think youre close to beating him just kill him already and if you didnt know i warn you it now (SPOILERS) he has 2 forms normal form and demon form.
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blazingboy116 answered:

Yes they will be useful especially the psyche up and egg on moves.i think youre ready but do u have revival items? and the magic shield use it with kabuff he does magic and physical attacks but once u have revival items/skills youre ready
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