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Which is better a ranger or a paladin?

I am a lv42 paladin and i am wondering if the ranger class is better.Please help me. PS:if there is a class which is better than a ranger please say me how to get it.


blazingboy116 answered:

In my opinion paladin is better cause of its not really sure about ranger havent really trained one yet. i would know all other classes since i trained some of them (not all). the luminary one is hard to get so and i never got to train it yet and you really need a paladin for the last boss like seriously need a paladin a high yeah the paladin is better in my opinion of course.
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BlackWind22 answered:

Paladin hands own. the ranger is a class based more on deftness than resilience. The paladin is a defensive class that will last far longer than a ranger would though it is slower than the ranger. Speed can be easily made up for with an agility ring, meteor bracer, or the Mercury Prize (recommended).

However, the choice is yours.

Good Luck!
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Trigger_Monkey answered:

I have used both and I think the ranger is. When you can first get it is horrible. When you get to batsureg it basiccly says tells you to use a ranger! the paladin just doesnt use very good weapons.
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hilksta answered:

Paladin, deftness is too unreliable in this game and even so, there are a few skills that increase dodge and block rates anyways. as for the weapons limitation, weapon specializations dont really matter in this game since getting a weapon level to 100 makes the character be able to use the weapon anywhere (Paladin with hypernova sword... mmm)
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