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I need to know what do you do after Catarrhina dies?

I went into Catarrhina's house and she was dead. When they had the funeral Phlegming didn't show up. Please help me!

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ECHO...Echo...echo... :P


Tekkaman_James answered:

After [the funeral], go talk to the mayor near his mansion, then go to the inn and choose to rest. In the evening, visit mayor at his library and he'll reward you with a [FEATHER HEADBAND]. Go back to the churchyard and talk to the ghost. Head to Phlegming's house and examine the door. After the scene,
the doctor will join you. Take him to the houses on the west and east side of the town, and to the inn (make sure to check the second floor of the eastern house). Talk to the people inside. Return to Phlegming's place. After the scene, you'll find out that Coffinwel finally became lively and cheerful again.

[Taken from Damage_dealer's FAQ/Walkthrough here on GameFAQs]
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dragonsakura22 answered:

After the Funeral go talk to the Mayor. He is near his house. Rest at the Inn until evening. Then go talk to the mayor again and he will give you a Feather Headband. Go back to the Gtraveyard and talk to her Ghost. Head to Phlegming's house and examine the door. Then take Phlegming to The inn and talk to the girl. Then go to the eastern house second floor and talk to the girl. Go to the Western house and talk to the old man. Return to Phlegming's place. After thhat scene with Catarrhina Coffinwell will become cheery again!
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jonathan_james_ answered:

After she dies?

... not post spoilers in the question title?
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