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King Platinum Jewel - could not find one?

I final found an icy grotto that King Platinum Jewel haunts and is on the floor where you see blight knight, uncommon cold, boogie Manguinni, etc but i see no sign of this jewel slime. Is he horribly rare. I found that gem slime (scores you 10k gold - wow) is much more common than platinum jewel but slightly rarer that king metal slime. Is it more common in the ruins grotto?

StellaRella provided additional details:

Thanks for the info so far but as you have mention i always would use vanish coz they often flee and all my characters actually know how to use thunder thrust but still i could not find them at all as if they don't exist at all even i have walk around back and forth several times anyway hopefully i will get a ruins map at over level 90 but i keep getting a lower level even i completed the same treasure map lv 94 several times.


Immature_Sage answered:

Platinum King Jewels are insanely rare, even on level 99 grottoes at a level S floor where they appear. To my understanding and experience, they are very rare on the floor and wont show up until plenty of time has passed or you get very lucky. The only Platinum King Jewels I have fought have appeared as companions to the regular monsters that wonder about. So, battle a lot in hopes to find it as a companion and walk a lot in hopes to find it wondering around. I suggest you use the vanish spell because these suckers see you from a mile away and will disappear almost as soon as they start running. If you see monster appear before you very eyes, move aside and let other monsters appear, the Platinum King Jewel might spawn after a few (dozen) appearances.
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LMSfreak answered:

look for platinum slimes on the 13th-16th floors on a RUINS grotto... and like the sage said; make sure you use vanish at all times, as they're tough to catch, otherwise...

also, (i recommend for easy dispatch) equip everyone with spears, and use critical hit ability (thunder thrust)
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LMSfreak answered:

one final note- as long as the platinum slimes dont see you, they will NEVER move...

so if you like, turn vanish on-or holy water- and load the battle screen, then set you ds down for a few minutes, when you come back, chances are one will be sitting there...

just make sure that before you move again, you're "stealth"
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LMSfreak answered:

even if you think your new map is a lower level, it could be a higher quality map ( i know it sounds weird, but it's true)... a map with level 98 can have zero "s" rank chests, but a level 70 can have 5 or more... keep hacking away and you'll find PJK on the 13th floor or better... keep looking for them in the ruins
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links74 answered:

Yea like the other people it depends on the rank and how many times youve revcoated also.They also tend to appear more like on ur birthday.
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