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Is it possible to get multiple items from revocation?

I know that you get special items the first time you revocate each class. Does it only count for the main character or can I get another of that item by revocating a party member.
Example: I revocated the main character as an armamentalist. If I revocate a party member as an armamentalist as well, will I get a second combat action medal?

Accepted Answer

easilyamusd987 answered:

No, i do not believe you can get multiple items from revocation. However, you DO get the item when anyone revocates, even if it is not your main character (I know this for a fact because I have yet to revocate my main character, yet I have 3 medals from the other characters :P)
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Immature_Sage answered:

So very sorry... The game recognizes when you have acquired a meal already and does not allow you to obtain more than one. Also, from what I have heard, you may only receive medals when the main character revocates. I could be wrong, but it is certain that the game will not allow you to have more than one... too powerful.
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