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Asked: 4 years ago

What is better a paladin or a gladiator?

my team is :me gladiator lv 38,mage lv 50,paladin lv 9 and priest lv 55.Do i need to change my paladin into a gladiator?
PS;my paladin learned psyche up.

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Paladin is for def.
Gladiator for atk power.

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It depends on what you really want to go for. Paladins learn defensive and support skills and spells, including the useful spell Buff and the very useful skill Forbearance(think a Warrior's Whipping Boy for everyone), which combined with their Coup De Grace Knight Watch (basically a Starman) can buy your party some valuable turns to pound a boss into the ground.
On the other hand, Gladiators get no spells, but their attack power is through the roof and skills such as Double Up let them boost their attack even higher, plus their Coup De Grace has a chance of giving you max tension (ANOTHER attack boost) automatically.

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Listen, One time I had a paladin with about 400 attack, but he trained as a gladiator skill guts. He was level 54 and equipped with an uber falcon blade could kill Baramos in 8 turns with frost force. So, train as both but go back to a paladin for awesome defense.

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