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What spells and skills are light elemental (affected by life fource)?

There are some legacy boss weak against light elemental attacks but am not sure what spells and skills are they.


Tekkaman_James answered:

After scouring the forum and the FAQs, these are all the skills/spells that I was able to find that are of the Light element. Not sure if there are others, but this is definitely a start:

Armamentalist - Life Fource
Paladin - Solar Flair (Requires "Paladin's Primer" Scroll)
Boomerang - Starburst Throw
Bow - Shining Shot (Requires "Archery for the Adept" Scroll)
Claw - Hand of God (Requires "The Core of the Claw" Scroll)
Sword - Gigaslash
Sword - Gigagash (Requires "Swordcraft in Summary" Scroll)
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Pokegirl answered:

What Tekkaman said. And besides, keep in mind when you use a fource, all your attacks that aren't assigned an elemental alignment to begin with become aligned with that element.
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annihilator127 answered:

There are also weapons, like the celestial spear, that are light elemental.
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