Question from Jacob_power

How do I beat Dread master?

My team is:
Minstrel Lvl 28.
Minstrel artist Lvl 28.
theif Lvl 27-28.
Mage Lvl 26-28.

Accepted Answer

jelly571 answered:

Um, the only advice i can give get a priest to heal everyone (which i always have and i've beaten the game three times now) and fight some monsters and get your level higher, id say around 35-40
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jelly571 answered:

fyi I mean a priest character, id get rid of the mage...they are kinda usless
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Pokegirl answered:

I would swap in a Priest instead of the Mage-believe me, for the latter half of the game and into the endgame, you're going to need a healer, and a minstrel just doesn't cut it. I would also get everyone up high enough in Shields to learn the Magic Mirror skill-his physical attacks are very weak, and blowing his own magic back in his face is a major help. Also LEVEL! I was level 35 before I took him on.
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