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How do I get past (Grotto)(Tunnel of woe lvl 1)?

Help me With Eponix How much HP Is my lvl Good enouth????
MinistelLvl 28
Marsialistlvl 28
magelvl 24-28

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Immature_Sage answered:

Truth be told, you level is almost there but when in comes down to the bosses that lurk at the bottom of grottoes its all about abilities, spells and survivability. You need a healer that is for sure; pick a priest of a sage for your party, you will not be beating the other grotto bosses without one.
You also need a heavy hitter like a martial artist or gladiator.
Use the Egg On ability your main character has to hit harder faster.
Do the quests! Some of those quest leave you some of the best stuff during that time in the game.
Toy around with the alchemy pot! It is the source of the best stuff the game has to offer. The internet has all the recipes you need.
The spell Oomph that mages learn is also really good, and you will need a high shield level and the special fource abilities from the armamentalist vocation, the ultimate shield bonus (comes from a book you get in a quest) and the ultimate minstrel ability (comes from a scroll you get as soon as your minstrel reaches level 40) in Alltrades Abbey (look for the ghost).
If your lucky, Equinox might drop a set of gloves that are the prequel to the ultimate heavy gloves in the game.
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Pokegirl answered:

Equinox has 1800 HP. I would level a bit; he's supposed to be as hard as any other comparable boss. If you have anyone with access to the Armamentalist skill Life Fource use it and you'll kick him through the floor. That's about all I can say really.
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