Question from jstructer

THX 4 the help. wat now?

thx 4 the little sis restarted my game an im stuk on livithan SOS!

Pokegirl asked for clarification:

OK...which time for Leviathan? The first time you run into him, or the second?

patrickm2 asked for clarification:

Also, whats your team and levels ?
(Cool name, pokegirl!) ;)

jstructer provided additional details:

my team is :me armentalist LV 15
cassidy mage LV 15
bart gladi8r LV 14
alan preist LV 15
this is levithan no 1


jelly571 answered:

Well he's a water type monster so you can get an ability that does a lot of damage to water monsters or a trident weapon because those do a lot against water types too.
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patrickm2 answered:


Mage: Watermaul Wand
Armamentalist: Sword (Any Type)
Priest: Holy Lance

For all Alchemy, use the alchemy FAQ.



I know its a bit much, but try to level up a bit. Levels16 - 18 should be enough, but just to be sure.

Buy all of the best armour money can buy, and make crab cakes out of that guy !!!
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hilksta answered:

leviathan is weak against thunder and explosion damage so use the gale fource skill (Assuming you have it, which you probably dont unless you grinded for skill points, it takes 36 skill points), you can go with the Bang line of spells but it hits for maybe 40 pts of damage if youre lucky, so id rather go for crackle (Which a mage learns at lvl 16). Besides elemental weakness, sap has a chance of working so if you can, cast it twice. also, consider raising your levels a bit, the best place is quaratomb for metal slimes since i seem to get a good spawn rate from them its time consuming but if you have two sword users both with metal slash, it shouldnt be that much of a problem, at least get to lvl 16 with your priest (Perferably lvl 18) for the midheal spell (and zing for lvl 18). Also, TENSION IS YOUR FRIEND. You can gain tension from using egg-on or psych up (16 skill points into focus). Since DQ VIII ive been using tension actively and it has saved my butt plenty of times. other than that, do a little grinding for skill points (since they carry over in this game, thank god) and get anything that would benefit your party. he's got a good amount of HP (Roughly 1300) but only attacks once so you should be able to heal with your priest. to recap, heal with your priest constantly, tension (At least to 50 if you can), train a bit more, and make use of alchemy for weapons or restoring items. hope it helps!
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