Question from furby66

Can a martial artist become a ranger?

I don't think they can, but I'm a martial artist now, and want to become a ranger. I need Toxic Dagger, what is that? Can I use it if I'm a martial artist? Please answer! =D


ignasia7 answered:

Do you have more than one character?

If so, check if one of them has Knife as a weapon skill set. Put 3 points into that and you'll have a character with Toxic Dagger. The quest does not require a specific character finish it to access ranger. It's a one time quest that you can use anyone in your party to finish it. Once complete anyone can become a ranger by going back to Alltrade's Abbey.
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BWBtehawezome answered:

OR, if you're doing the game solo, change your vocation to someone that can use a knife, such as the Thief vocation. (I think it's rogue in America, however)

Then just level up in that vocation and use toxic dagger.
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CheatGuru answered:

Just change to thief, mage, or any other vocation that uses daggers. While using skill points, the dagger weapon path has Toxic Dagger for three skill points.
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Enkaiichi answered:

If you like the martial artist skillsets, such as focus or fistcuffs, you can put 100 points into each before you change vocations after completing the quest. Use a Vocation that can use a knife and gain the skill toxic dagger, do as the quest says and ranger will unlock. To combine them would be to raise the focus skillset and mix it with the ranger.
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To4oo4 answered:

Yes. ANY character can change to ANY vocation. (As long as you've beaten the Alltrades Abbey part of the game. That's how you unlock the ability to change vocations xD)
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ja2d answered:

You get toxic dagger by investing 3 points into knife. It doesn't matter who has the skill, so long as they kill the chimeras. After you complete the quest, go to Altrades Abbey and change vocation.
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