Question from kenzzo13

Where can I find (falcon blade)?

I found were it is but i sold it but now i really need it.pls help


Immature_Sage answered:

There are only a few ways to get falcon blades before post game. There is the one behind the locked door inside your ship, you need the ultimate key. Just go to the internal view of the ship and descend to the lowest level. Falcon Blades can be dropped by Shogum the grotto boss. His is random appearance and it's not likely that he will drop it easily. Possible SPOILERS! After you beat the game, the weapon shop in Stornway gets an extension where they are sold for about 14,800 G. Just talk to the new sales person (dressed in green) and take a look at his wares, taken from the arsenal of Gittingham Castle. The armor store will also obtain an extension.
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epb45 answered:

In you're boat, when you get the ultimate key. If you switch to inside the boat, then go down to the deepest part, there are two chests.
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007Sniper014 answered:

The new stornway store post-game has it.
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Hazzathedestroy answered:

If you have the Ultimate Key (obtained from defeating Goreham-Hogg) you can go down to the lowest deck (the hold) in your ship and in the jail cell there are two chests. One contains the Falcon Blade. After you defeat Corvus in maniac-oppressed demon form, in the weapon shop in Stornway the kid in green sells the Falcon Blade for 14,800 gold. If you get really desperate, Shogum (the grotto boss) occasionally drops them at around 2% drop chance. You can try to half-inch one from him too.
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