Question from links74

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I solve quest #20 [A Maky Task]?

I wana do this quest but i dont know the better form XD

Accepted Answer

From: mordsithdee 4 years ago

Quest #020 - A Masky Task
Location: Stornway; Slim woman inside a house in the western part of town
Request: Make a Papillon Mask.
Solution: Use the Alchemy Pot.
Reward: Stiletto heels for showing her the mask and a Jaguarment if you
decide to give her the mask.
Pre-req: None
Repeat: No
Notes: Refer to Alchemy Recipe Guide.

Papillon mask
= Malleable mask x 1 + Dread dagger x 1 + Narspicious x 3

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