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How do I solve quest 21 spud she-like?

So i got this quest but i dont know were to get them can some one help? plz!!!!

wicket123456789 provided additional details:

Um its royal soil not lava lump

wicket123456789 provided additional details:

Were is the magmaroo


LMSfreak answered:

Sunstone = Lucida Shard x2 (alchemy) + Mirrorstone x3 (Steal from Mega Moai in Magmaroo or spawn) + Hephastus Flame x1 (alchemy)

Lucida Shard = Brightstone x3 (Stolen from Goodybag near bBatsureg or spawn near Gleeba) + Evencloth x3 (steal Ragged Puppet near Zere)

Hephastus Flame = Iron ore x1 (spawn near Alltrades Abbey) + Lava Lump x1 (spawn near Alltrades Abbey) + Toad Oil x1 (steal toad monsters near Gleeba)

hope that helps
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Pokegirl answered:

The Magmaroo is a cave location within the the town of Upover. If you don't know where that is, you probably haven't been there yet. Here, this map should help you find where things are.
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