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:/ How am i s'pose ta do this?!?!?!?!?!!??!

:( Is there a way for me to be able to level faster???? i think that my team mates effect how much exp i get but i don't like to take them off my team. any way for me to get exp (aloooot of exp) without takin my peeps off my team???? thankkkz

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im past bowhole. how much do the liquid metals give???? im almost gonna pass the game (i guess) cuz Corvus is now Evil Man Corvus and like.... mega nasty lookin... what are the medley metal whatever??? where do i find those??? i probably heard of all those slimes (because of DQM Joker) but idk where o find them in this game.... im so confused T^T

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OH rh3ia!!! you are always helping me on my questions!!! i think you have answered 3 of my questions... i think... ill give you my information (gatta go get my dsi) OOKAY first team member (me) is Nina who is a minstrel, level 47, with the Hp of 239 and the Mp of 90.... Second Team mate!!! ( haha my favorite) his name is Johan who is a martial artist, level 47, with the Hp of 266 and the Mp of 22 (sucky Mp lolz)... THIRD TEAM MEMBER!!!! (:/ he looks weird...) his name is Lucas and he is a priest, level 46, with the Hp of 203 and the Mp of 152.... LAST (but not least) TEAM MEMBER!!!! her name is Hina and she is a mage, level 45, with the Hp of 185 and the Mp of 185 ( :/ she doesn't really receive that much EXP and she died during a boss battle once so she is the lowest level now....) the Metal Medley whatevers live near Bloomingdale right??? do i just search around there or something to find em??? of a specific place?

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:/ i tried beating Evil Man Corvus with the strategy you described and failed.... he just kept hittin me and hittin me and i think he got stronger!!! as in... the more hits i give him, the stronger he gets... :/ idk... i became hopeless when all my party members died except my priest... ;_; my poor little priest held onto life...! but he died and all my gold was reduced to half as much.... *sigh*... maybe ill just try and level my peeps a little harderrrr...

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im almost level 50 now. i had went into the bowhole and found a bunch of liquid metal slime and level up a few times. now me and Johan are level 49, Lucas is 48 and Hina is 47. im going to go back to bowhole until Hina is at least level 50. then ill try beating Evil Man Corvus. thanks for helping :)

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BWBtehawezome answered:

Okay... Here goes. Metal medleys live in the bad cave. They are hard to find and you have to look for them deep in the cave. I'll find out exactly where later. They helped me beat Corvus.

As for leveling up, you should either just keep going with everyone on your team, or, as I often do, focus on leveling the hero and take one teammate along, for instance, Nina (I'm assuming she's the hero...) and Johan could fight metal medley's for a bit, then when they've leveled a few times switch Johan to Lucas etc.

Your party is a lot like mine when I fought Corvus, only instead of a mage I had a thief. I think if you level everyone to around 50, you could beat him, but then again I'm, no expert... Good luck! :) -BWB
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annihilator127 answered:

Remember that some monsters award more EXP than others. And if you have seen metal slimes, they give about 4000 EXP but are really hard to hit, and spells don't work on them.
And I suggest you don't take the others off your team. They may help you a lot later on.
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rh3ia answered:

if you are past the bowhole, liquids haunt there. they look like metallic bubble slimes. also there are metal medleys in the bad cave where you fight the tyirantula, and normal metals in the quarter-tomb.
if you are in POST GAME you can go the slime hill near angel falls.
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rh3ia answered:

Well, liquids give 40,200 EXP to share between your party, and you know north of Bloomingdale, where you killed the massive spider dude...well in the big waterfall place near the end 3 normal metals will stand on top of each other to make a metal medley. They give you 12000 EXP to share. I you need help on corvus evil-cow-demon-over-hyper-green dude, just tell me your party levels, classes, HP&MP, and names ( I just love the weird names some people give their party members!) and I will give you the beat strategy I can think of.
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rh3ia answered:

All right, now lets get this have a nice team to finish the game...hmmmmm...MA's work on damage, and if you cast an oomph and 100tension them to make ace damage. Priests are for party healing so if your party has low defence unlike mine, then multiheal every second round and your minstrel to zing your priest if he dies and your mage to do attack spells ( that hopefully go critical sometimes!) I had a paladin, gladiator, marshal artist and a mage to defeat him with much higher levels, but I'm sure if you kill him off quickly and not let him MEDIATE or MAGIC BURST you will be fine.
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