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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat Corvus 2nd form?

My team: minstrel lvl 48.marcil artist lvl49 theith lvl 44 priest lvl 42

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When do my pr\eist lear kazing?

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Don't have any more dragon quest games

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Done it

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Thanks jakeydragon

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Have your priest use Multiheal every turn and bash him to death (Maybe you should level the priest a bit as he get fullheal at 47). The thief should be using skills depending on what weapon you took, the minstrel and the martial artist should have a high enough melee output to just bash him. Don't worry about buffing or anything, he will just dispel it all. If the priest runs out of mana, have another character feed him an item so he can remain on heal duty.

Use coup de grace when you get them.

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Priests do not get Kazing. Priests learn the skill Omniheal (which is quite expensive, but is like HealUsAll from the old games) at level 65. Sages get the skill Kazing at 45. Which you want to take is up to you.

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dont bother lvling up anymore i beat him at lvl 36-38 :P just keep bashing him and heal alot make sure you have yggdrasil leafs(sorry if i spelt it wrong)give some magic water too your preist(or sages elixar would be better)and just keep bashing him and healing yourself(and hope for a coup de grace)
and it should not take too long till hes dead.

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Wait you did it already!?

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100 tension blocks his Eye Gleam attack (The one that inflicts sleep). That+ Magic Mirror+Reverse Cycle+Back Atcha= Win.

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