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Tried it.... epically failed.... HUULLLPPP MEEEEE!!!! Please?

Tried beating Evil Man Corvus..... epically failed.... i am a level 47 along with my martial artist, i have a mage girl that is level 45 and a priest man who is level 46... at this point, Corvus is evil and nasty lookin.... idk what levels i should be to actually beat him and idk what weapons i need. i have the greatest power level swords and stuff that you can get from a store (the secret store) i really don't like alchemy because i'm to lazy to find all the items i need to make new items.... anyone want to give me some advice???... or some help.... i'm really lazy and never walk to anywhere unless there are treasure chests involved...

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i do do some alchemy but like i said before, i'm too lazy to actually look for the items....I WILL NEVER USE CLAWS!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!! I HATE CLAWS!!!!!! MARTIAL ARTISTS DON'T NEED CLAWS!!!! THEY NEED..... uhm.... ANYTHING BUT CLAWS!!!!!! i've been told before to go to Bowhole and fight some liquid slime. ima do that and get stronger... now i need a sandwich.. i'm hungryyy ;_;

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rh3ia answered:

I defeated that son of the devil with a Paladin lvl 51, Gladiator lvl 51, Marshal artist lvl 56 and an awesome mage dude lvl 52. I defeated the whole realm of the mighty without dieing at all, (And no, 1 I never did have a priest, and 2, my fact no one in my party had a sword.) accept for my most powerful character, Susiee (my glad) died in the final battle. *WAAAAHHHH!!!*

You have a fine party, all you need to do is level with liquid metal slimes in the Bowhole, on B3 just next to the stairs and torch, just sit and wait.

Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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rh3ia answered:

Oh and one more thing... MA's should have Columbus claws, priests a lightning lance, minstrels the fire sword and mages the soul breaker. If not, just go to Upover and go shopping!
P.S. if you don't use academy, YOU WILL NEVER GET ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!
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