Question from JohanTheMonster

Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get quest 33... idk what it's called, i only know the number... hulp??

it's a quest that gives you the ability to belly dance as a party trick. does anyone know how to get this quest??? :3 ME WANNA DANCE WIT MY BELLY!!!!

Additional details - 4 years ago

:D AHA!!!! thanks!!!! >.< i'll get the quest, complete the quest, and belly dance the night away!!!! just for youuu!!!!

Additional details - 4 years ago

;) Don't worry guys, i can belly dance now!!!!! i cant believe they said that the dancer was beautiful!!! it was a freakin goodybag!!! lolz, this game makes me laugh

Accepted Answer

From: rh3ia 4 years ago

I found that quest easy. If you enter gleeba palace and head north with a slight turning to the west you enter the library. If you go full on left the furthest along book-case gives you the quest. All you need to do is keep killing Gooddie bags in the Igglucia plains (Batsuag) un-till the supreme Gooddie bag comes and teaches you the belly dance. Some times I show it off to my best friend in multiplayer in my hottest outfit as we are both female characters, and you know how girls like their look!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One of the bookshelves in the Mirage Mahal located in Gleeba gives you it. Can't remember where exactly, but there aren't many places to search.

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Bookshelf on NW room of the castle

you have to kill the Goodybay near Batsureg

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