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Okay now i cant find bowhole but when i go north-west from woormword i enter a bowhole but i read that theres supposed to be three holes but i look all over and the only thing i find is a weird force field and a locked door what do i do? the reason i want to go to bowhole is to fight these creatures that give me allot of exp so i can beat swimple acadamy school boss pls help ive been at it for ages.

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Thanks how do i get here necklace and where and how do i give it to her

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I forgot to mention ive only seen here twice one at the train an second in drourbrdge i also dont know who corvus is.

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From: rh3ia 4 years ago

You are meant to go and give Serena's neackless to her in the cave north of wormwood ( she is the girl who was murdered because of Corvus) (plus she is the ghost who kept on saying "Where is he? I can't find him!?") She will open at the seal ONLY WHEN YOU GIVE HER HER NEACKLESS. Then you can kill Gadrongo (EASY PEASY BOWHOLE BOSS!) and go to UPOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OK, now Corvus is this annoying guy who wants to destroy the world, plus, he is the final boss of the main storyline. You will also find the neackless in the church, because Serena hid it there when she was alive. Plus, it is not at the guardian statue outside the weapon and armour shop because it was moved after Serena and her dad we're murdered because of their guardian Corvus.

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