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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I get a Pentarang?

I want to train my sage with a boomerang as a secondary weapon with wands, and I'm looking for a good boomerang, so where can I find a Pentarang? Does it drop off an enemy, is it sold anywhere, or is it a treasure I can find in grottoes? (in that case what level grotto?)

Additional details - 4 years ago

Ok, what level treasure maps are rank B grottoes? Or does anyone know where I can easily get another good boomerang? Like one that is close in quality to the pentarang?

Accepted Answer

From: Pokegirl 4 years ago

Rank B chests start having a small chance of appearing in grottos that are rank 6(F). These start appearing at Basalt quality level 35. The better the quality and level, the better chance of rank B chests appearing, naturally. Until you can find one, you can Alchemize yourself a Banefire Boomerang with 1 Flametang Boomerang+1 Sunstone+3 Rockbomb Shards.

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Unfortunately, you can only find it randomly in Rank B treasure chests in Grottos.

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