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Two main questions?

What Legacy boss drops what orb red yellow etc. My other question is the items you get for revocating what stats do they increase example warrior medal?

Accepted Answer

Pokegirl answered:

First question answers: Baramos-silver, Murdaw-yellow, Dhoulmagus-purple, Dragonlord-red, Psaro-green, Nimzo-blue, Malroth-red, Mortamor-yellow, Estark-green, Zoma-silver, Orgodemir-blue, Rhapthorne-purple, Nokturnus-cycles through all of them.

Second question answers:*unless otherwise noted give Defense boost of 3, along with other effects.
Combat Action Medal- increased Coup de Grace %, Critical Acclaim-increased Critical Hit %, Honour Among Thieves-increased successful theft %, Legion of Merit-increased max MP, Lifesaving Medal-50 points Magical Mending, Mager Achievement-50 points Magical Might, Medal of Freedom-100 points Deftness, Mercury Prize-120 points Agility, Noscar-increased Style, Order of Chivalry-20 points Defence, Soldier's Medal-20 points Attack, Wear-With-All Award-allows equiping of items specific to the opposite gender of the wearer.
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