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How do I beat metal slime??

My mage is on level 22
and im on a quest to get armamentalist vocation
but his attack always missed
whats the best strategy?

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ss14hero answered:

This one can be a bit tricky. You need a chracter that knows how to use Metal slash (sword skill in case you didn't know). Have them use it, as it has a possiblity to deal 2 damage (little known fact, it also increases hit rate on Metal slimes). Use it once then have your Mage do the rest. Luck is a huge factor too, Metal slimes run a LOT.
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ApusMajor answered:

I actually did it once! It was really ALOT on luck i'm pretty sure. I got him on 4 turns. Here is what I did: Did Metal Slash everyone else defended, Metal slime attacked, 2 attacked others defended, Metal slime defended, I attacked everyone else deffended, Metal slime defended, attacked, Metal Slime DEFEATED!!!! I got 1064 exp, Priest gor 954 exp, Thief got 1022 exp, and Warrior got 1054 exp!!! Rinse and Repeat and the Armamentalist Vocation is Yours!!!!!! Hope I helped! oFTo
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rh3ia answered:

one of your STRONGER characters learn wizard ward, use metal slash, thunder thrust, hatchet man egsample, while wizard warded and hope for the best. I did this quest ages ago(and that's a long time, I tell you) about December time, and I did it first 2 goes. that means I never let them flee!!!!! HUZZZAHH!
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silvadude12 answered:

This quest is very time consuming, but worth it.
What i did( I was experienced in killing metals so i did it in no time) was, first metal slash. If that gets 2 points of damage, good.thats what you want, the same turn you metal slashed, wiz ward.
now in the second turn, attack him with your mage. If in the first turn, you only did 1 damage, attack again, Because they usuallly only have 3 hp but can have 4 hp.
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gamer903 answered:

I would switch the mage to a warrior w/ metal slash and someone who can keep the slime from leaving
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dragonsakura22 answered:

I had a Warrior and made him a mage at Alltrades Abbey, made him learn Wizard Ward, then switched him back to a Warrior. Made the rest of my teammates another lv.1 vocation. Killed the lv.1's off and the metal slime ussually waited a few turns before running off.
Hope I helped!
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SirGammon answered:

The sword ability metal slash is most useful, but the archers ability Rain of Pain is sometimes very effective as it can hit multiple times, Hope you find this useful, I use it on ALL metals.
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Man0fBass answered:

Very simple. The best thing to do would be to get a Falcon Blade or an Uber Falcon Blade. Invest at least seven skill points in the sword skill tree so you have Metal Slash. Go to town. You may even need only one hit. Another good idea is to have a Bow with Needle Shot, a Spear with Pressure Pointer (ahem, Demon Spear...), or a spear with Mercurial Thrust (so the slime has less time to flee).
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DQ9Junkie answered:

Thunder Thrust is your best bet.
Critical hit almost everytime and if it doesn't work and they flee, jsut find another one until it works.
You can find A LOT of metal slimes on the ledge to the right of Angel Falls (you have to have control of the Starlight Express to get there).
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Aniken5 answered:

Use a bunch of slime killing moves: Criticals,metal killing moves, one hit kill moves, multi-hit moves i kill hundreds of metal slimes, metal medleys, & liquid metal slimes a day i know whal im saying
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epb45 answered:

The armamentalist is amazing
I cant quite remember what i did.
Wizard ward, evey one attacked, dameging it a little
had mage attack it till it died
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jonathan_james_ answered:

My strategy was similar and different.
I had 1 Martial Artist use War Cry every round [says it didn't work but the little guy still seemed to flee less often].

First round had the other 3 cast Wizard Ward.
Second round had the other 3 all use Metal Slash.

If the second round all land successfully then a WIN you will have.
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cor4life answered:

This is a hard quest. When I tried the quest to get the Armamentalist, I had my Minstrel and my Gladiator use Metal Slash, I had my mage use the Wizard Ward (needed for the quest) and had my Priest use Snooze to try and get him to go to sleep. When you have done that and if he is still not dead (and he hasn't fleed), one the next round make your Mage attack and have the rest defend or heal if they need healing, but whatever happens on that round, the Mage has to be the only one to attack, because if another character, who isn't a Mage attacks, you have an extra chance of not getting quest progress from that battle.
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Ocean_Quester answered:

Simple. Multithrust, Metal slash with FB, rain of pain
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digididon123 answered:

Have one person use metal slash with the uber falcon blade, while your team uses pressure pointer, needle shot, and other instant kill moves, including critical hits
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007Sniper014 answered:

I would use attacks that are made for metal people. An all martial artist group is good, as they are incredibly fast. And strong.
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Epicmarcster02 answered:

Use metal slash with a uber falcon blade
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