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Magic Absorption Rate?

So the Brouhaha Boomstick has a Magic Absorption Rate of about 7%. But 7% of what?
7% of your max MP generated on impact with an enemy?
7% of enemy's max MP stolen on impact?
7% of enemy's current MP stolen on impact?
7% of your Magical Might given as MP upon impact with an enemy?


albelclaw answered:

Im pretty sure its 7% of the hp damage you do
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dunno001 answered:

Truth be told, it seems to be completely random, using up to X percent as a value. I've seen critical hits take more MP, leading one to believe that it's HP damage based. But that gets thrown out when I do 1 damage to an enemy (metal family), and sometimes get 2 MP absorbed. Enemies with less magical properties seem to give less in most cases, but a few make easy marks for draining. The X percent I almost think is a misnomer, but the larger it is, the larger your potential for absorption seems to be...
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