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Is there a recipe for chronochristal?

Want to get agate of evilotion

Jacob_power provided additional details:

Is there a spawn point?

Shadowlynk asked for clarification:

No spawn points; you have to buy them.

Jacob_power provided additional details:

Also where can I find a reset stone and what does it do

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brStalker answered:

There is not a recipe for Chronocristal. You can get then only after you beat the game and finish a quest for Jona in Porth Llafan. Then you can buy them for 50k each on a cave northeast of Zere Rocks
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dunno001 answered:

Unfortunately, there is only 1 reliable way to get chronocrystals: buying them for 50K from the cave in the southeast part of the map. I've seen them show up once in DQVC for 25K, and one will be the first reward (reset stones will be for repeats) for quest 173 when that becomes available in April. In addition, a month later, you can cut out the middleman on quest 178, which gives an Agate of Evolution for the prize. But most of them are going to be pricey items...
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