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Help me i need help?

help me i am A level 41 minstrel wearing a miracle sword dark shield platinum headgear spiked armor light gauntlet dragon warrior trousers dragon warrior boots dragon scale A level 42 warrior wearing a dragon slayer white knight shield halo deboras dress steel gauntlet femiscyran bottoms iron sabatons and a bunny tail A level 42 martial artist wearing a mistick mercury bandana einhander slick slacks clogs and a goddess ring A level 41 thief wearing a soulbreaker unhappy hat millys clothes iron gauntlets transparent tighs iron sabatons and a dragon scale can someone give me some info on what to do what armor to wear where to get it and where to train?

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Ive made it to the Goresby purrvis and i need help on how to beat him

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i have happy hat a goddess ring the clothes i have already give me better defense because they are DLC and thank you i will work on the meteorite bracers

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Ineed help on a real easy way thats not time consuming i actually have a life and only get 30 min on the game.


Mr_C_Guy answered:

What to wear depends more on where you are in the game. Have you gotten to post game or is this the best equipment you can find so far? Do try to turn the unhappy hat into the happy as soon as possible (unhappy hat + lucky pendant) and the dark shield into an ogre shield (dark shield + denisiumx2 + magic beast hornx5). You should have recipies to make giga steel stuff by now if not then the basic recipe goes iron item + iron ore + lava lump for the steel item then steel item + iron orex2 + hephistus flame for the giga steel item. It seems you might need to visit the alchemy pot to do some upgrading.
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Pokegirl answered:

OK. I would actually switch to the Falcon Blade (you should have gotten it by now, it's on your ship behind an Ultimate Key door if you haven't ). To make it really easy, Alchemize some Meteorite Bracers if you have the ingredients (you might not, Agility Rings and Gold Bars aren't exactly easy to come by at that stage), enough for everyone in your party (but your healer, if using magic for it) to wear and an extra to upgrade the Falcon Blade. Next, you should Alchemize Gigasteel Armor for everyone that can wear it (Thieves and MA are restricted to clothes and light armor, Gigasteel is considered heavy), something like the Jaguarment (for females, available in the secret shop in Dourbridge, behind the regular shop with the Ultimate Key) or Ethereal Armor for the ones restricted to light armor. I would also get the Happy Hat for whoever is doing your healing(if by magic), as well as the Goddess Ring (obtained in the Observatory) to keep MP up between battles.
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