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Should I have a party of 4...of just the two of me and my gladiator?

My hero Rheia is lvl 99 on paladin, While Susiee my gladiator is lvl 95.Yuki and watson my mage and sage are a major slow down.Rheia has 100 skill on : Spear, shield, ruggedness, guts, engilement, fource and virtue. Susiee on the other hand has 100 skill on : Axe, shield, courage, engilement, guts, je san gui (or whatever the luminary skill is called) and liveliness.
Should I dump my other two, or should I give them another try???

albelclaw asked for clarification:

What do you mean by slow down? I can't see the reason why except that they are lower leveled then you could just train them.

rh3ia provided additional details:

I also forgot to mention, both my main characters have maxed out focus, and Rheia has maxed out spellcraft. As both of my characters used swords in the early game, Rheia has 44 skill and Susiee has 27 (I know, that REALLY sucks.) The problem with me is TRAINING. Thunder thrust from Rheia and Hatchet man from Susiee works wonders on the old metals!!! But I'll give swords another try, and maybe my other two. I forgot to mention... My sage, yuki used to me a Marshal artist, and she has maxed out claws and focus.All my party also has the ultamate skill for their weapon, and my mage's weapon is knife. Plus I defeated Barmos with only the 2 of me and my gladiator, and it was MUCH quicker than with a full party.

rh3ia provided additional details:

I just learnt GIGAGASH! hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rh3ia provided additional details:

In between all 4 of my guys, i got like, 1500+ skill points


Immature_Sage answered:

OK, here is what I think on what to do with your situation:

A party of 4 is not mandatory but it if you want to face the games ultimate challenge, the legacy bosses, you should not give up on them. Rheia needs to master Focus and Sword to become an even more mind bogglingly powerful and your Susiee need focus, sword and virtue to maximize power.

Now here are the keepers. That mage and sage of yours are only lacking a purpose. For your mage, switch it to an armamentalist and then into another gladiator. Gladiators with fource are deadly against bosses. Give this character priority only on sword, shield, focus, guts, and courage. If you have spare points, do what you will with them.

Now I have great news for you! That sage can help you in some really tough spots if you handle them the right way. Here is what you do, you switch that sage into priest and master, shield, sword, virtue, focus, guts and courage. Why do this, simple:

The Co-op de grace from a party with a priest and a paladin is Soul Asylum, makes everyone immortal for a few turns!
They are the only ones to have Omniheal and are wicked fast compared to your most vocations. Never leave home without a good healer, RPG 101.

You noticed I over suggested you master Sword and Focus, right? That is because:

Master focus, your natural speed (as in affects all vocations) will increase by a lot and you get the psyche up ability, very useful. Some of the other abilities are pretty good as well.

As for sword, simple: Falcon Slash with a Uber Falcon Blade, the attack that hurts the most in the game. Imagine two gladiators attacking back to back with this combo, ouch!

If you do not plan to ever face the legacy bosses, the just leave them a Patty's and go with you two main characters, but remember, never leave home without a good way to heal or a healer!
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