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How do i get full metal slime armour?

How do i get full metal slime armour? please tell me


Shadowlynk answered:

Metal Slime equipment is found in rank A chests in high level grottoes, at a 1% rate.
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albelclaw answered:

Extra Quests 136 and 142 i know, the sword can be found in the DQVC until this Friday for 40,000, the spears there too but i dont know the price. The others i dont know besides in grotto chests.
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BlackWind22 answered:

You can get this item set in high level grottos (platinum - diamond). I've already obtained 2 helmets, 2 body armour, 3 swords, a spear, a shield, and 2 pairs of gauntlets.

Try searching in grottos that have many chests. The grottos i explore usually have around 3 chests on each floor.

You can also obtain the ultimate weapons and armours. I was lucky enough to find a Bright Staff (ultimate wand) in one chest yesterday.

Good Luck!
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