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Can you only steal mini-medal during a fight with legacy boss?

With the thief skill, I have already obtain orbs and gear after the fight, but never during the fight, only mini-medal. is it possible to get gear or orbs or I'm losing my time in stealing the leagacy boss?

Accepted Answer

BlackWind22 answered:

unfortunately, you can only steal medals from these bosses. If you have the Thief handbook with you, theres a chance that you will steal another one and also receive a chest with one. So you couls possibly get 3 medals from one battle. the gear can only be dropped by the bosses. for a greater chance of getting then use the thief coup de grace Itemised Kill (this fails sometimes) or the co-op de grace Haullelujah (works everytime) you an get more money, more exp, as well as items an rare items. It will state which of these effects will happen.

Good Luck!
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yak_breeder answered:

You can only steal mini medals from them. If you want their other stuff it has to be from a drop.
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