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How do you defeat King Godwyn's second form?

My team:
Matrial Artist lvl 48
Warrior lvl 47
Mage lvl 44
Priest lvl 32

I realize I need to get my priest to level 38 for Multiheal. Plus, my warrior is wearing CATOPTRIC ARMOR. Any other tips? He's really hard!!!

furby66 provided additional details:

Awesome, I got him. Thanks!

Accepted Answer

Furotsu answered:

make some sub classes in order to train your priest and, at the same time, gather some extra skill points.
Make sure you have the "Tollerantia" skill trait on your Warrior, you'll be able to tank every single party member by doing so. The priest can focus only on him, and eventually multiheal if needed. The Mage should Ooomph the Martial Artist(the skill that doubles the atk), while the Martial Artist damages, and support him with damage. He will eventually go down. If you can't with this party, try to boost a party made by a paladin, a ministrel, an armamentalist and a gladiator. The ministrel can provide healing, the Paladin will shield the party, the Armamentalist can both buff and provide damage(omph ministrel+gladiator as a must) and the gladiator will focus mainly on damaging, trying to reduce his def first. I managed to take him down with a level 35 ministrel, level 33 paladin, level 34 glad and level 34 mage with no problems, so I guess that with a bit of training you won't have any problem as well :)
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