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Asked: 4 years ago

Whats the best weapon for Gladiator?

i just trained as a paladin so my gladiator could equip a shield and whilst I was training as a paladin my weapon was a hammer and I don't know whether I should change or not, So what is the best weapon for a Gladiator?

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Well i am not sure myself but in porth llafan you can buy a lot f gladiator weapons

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It depends. Sword for skills I would say. Hammer is better for multi enemy attacks(Crackerwhack) but Axe has Helm Splitter which lowers defence so it is sorta useful.

If you have full hammer then you should probably use it and spam Heart Breaker on bosses, but if Axe or Sword have pretty full skill trees you should use them.

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Personaly, I trained up in ALL of them! This means I have a vast array of options when fighting.

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