Question from SirGregrei

Am I strong enough to take on higher grottos? (Gem Jamboree ones)

My party consists of: Warrior Lvl 64 (me), Warrior Lvl 51, Martial Artist Lvl 49, Warrior Lvl 49. I have 100 Sword and Shield, and the rest have skills in the lower to upper 40s. Can I do it?

SirGregrei provided additional details:

Im thinking of Training up a priest, to heal, should I? do priests really help that much?

Accepted Answer

Pokegirl answered:

Probably, if you have a grotto with them. They start in the 13th floor of rank G ruins grottos. You might have a bit of a hard time killing them though. They're like Metal Slimes-little HP but lots of Defense and Speed.
And yes, you should make a Priest. They are so helpful.
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albelclaw answered:

You NEED a Priest for post game, but yeah you should be able to.
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