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What significance does cow poop have???

I know you can use it for alchemy... but... why would anyone want to make anything out of.... cow poop.... what does cow poop even make???.... and horse poop too.... wtf.... i just want to know...

JohanTheMonster provided additional details:

lolz that's hilarious. Japanese people have such an imagination! they can make poop into weapons!!! now if anyone was to try and do this in real life, i think the only thing they would be able to make is... a mess...

Accepted Answer

FefnirOmega13 answered:

Cowpats are used in part to form Mystifying Mixtures, which are then used in part to create Ethereal Stones, which are then used to create some of the best items in the game like Agates of Evolution which are then used to create awesome weapons.

Horse Manures are only used in the creation of one weapon.

Funny what crap does, right?
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