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Asked: 4 years ago

How to find the equitment needed for jona's quest after completing the game?

You need a flowing dress and wielding a watermaul wand and silver shield?

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Flowing Dress = Enchanted Robes x1 (alchemy) + Celestial Skein x3 (alchemy)
Enchanted Robes = Magical Robes x1 (buy Gleeba or steal Shaman in Badcave) + Enchanted Stone x1 (alchemy)
Enchanted Stone = Thunderball x2 (spawn or steal Cumulus Rex near Upover) + Ice Crystal x2 + (steal Brrearthenwarrior or Shivery Shrubbery) + Mystifying Mixture x1 (alchemy)
Mystifying Mixture = Bellecap x1 (spawn Wormwood Creek) + Manky mud x1 (steal Zombie) + Cowpat (spawn Zere)
Silver Shield = White Knight Shield x1 (alchemy) + Mirror Stone x3 (steal Mega Moai or spawn) + Mythril Ore x2 (spawn Gerzuun) White Knight Shield = White Shield x1 + Holy Talisman x1 (alchemy) + Mythril Ore x1
Holy Talisman = Gold Rosary x1 (steal Legionaire in the Gleeba dungeon or wight priest in Swinedimples dungeon) + Holy Water x5 + (buy at shop) + Resurrock x1 (steal green crabs or spawn)
White Shield = Light Shield x1 (buy Bloomingdale) + Seashell x5 (spawn beach east of Stornway) + Holywater x5 (buy at shop)

After getting the 3 items, talk with Jona and she'll go back to the beach where you fought Lleviathan the first time, follow her to the beach and equip the 3 items on one of your characters (since you need to equip a wand,you need a priest or a mage in your party) and you'll fight with Lleviathan again, he's a little stronger than the last time but still weaker than the final boss, after that you'll solve the quest.

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Flowing dress = upover or wormwood creek gold = 18000
watermaul wand = bloomingdale gold = 4900
silver sheild = stornway gold 300000 (sorry if i'm wrong)
happy fighting leviathen (:(:(:):):)

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