Question from gamer903

I need help with the cat dude?

I got
gladiator lv30
ministel lv. 29
priest lv.29
mage lv.28

any tips?

Jandeku asked for clarification:

Which "Cat Dude" are you talking about?

Goresby Purrvis? Goresby Purrvis' second fight? Excalipurr?


panikarj answered:

"Cat dude" is Goresby Purrvis I presume.
Well, as he is a physical attacker I found paladin`s Kabuff doing awesom work on keeping him at bay. Oh, and my team was in their 40ies there (i got carried away by grottoing at that time so a little overleveled). I believe my party was something like this:
Martial Artist w/Spear 40
Paladin w/Faith mastered 30
Thief 40
Armamentalist w/Wand 35 (Oomph + Enchants = awesome).
I don`t think there is any need in being that high in levels, though hunting Liquid Metal Slimes at Bowhole may be your best bet if you decide to level your guys a bit further, but I do believe that to guarantee victory against this guy Kabuff is really needed.
Hope this helped.
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Shadowlynk answered:

If you do decide to level, try to get someone to 100 skill in shield and then do the shield quests at Swinedimples. The Secrets of the Shield book you get from that quest line allows one character to block all critical hits, which are the biggest threat in the Goresby-Purrvis fight. Give it to your priest, so you don't lose your healer unexpectedly.
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lil109109 answered:

I hope you mean Goresby Purvis because if it's Excalipurr, your way too under leveled.

If it's Goresby Purvis

HP: 2306

First of all, your whole team should leveled up to at least Lv 40

Here is a set of known moves Purves uses

Multislash- This terrible move attacks your whole party doing much damage

Kacrackleslash- an Icy salash doing much damage

Hack away like a demon- This is the worst move Goresby uses and does about 200 damage!!

In this battle your priest should level up to Lv38 and use multiheal to heal your whole party and use it almost every round!!

since your underleveled you should go to the bow hole and go to B3 and hunt Liquid Metal Slimes

Good Luck!
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