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Asked: 3 years ago

Why is there only 10 character slots?

When there's 12 vocations available in the game? Thought it would be nice to have one of each for the party.

Additional details - 3 years ago

You can only create ten characters in the Quester's Rest. :/

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You get 4 more party members for finishing DQVC quests (the ones that you download from Sellma via Wi-fi).

End Spoilers!

Hope this helps!

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It's just the creation limit the game has. It's not necessary to have that many characters, anyway. Once you finish the tower near Alltrades Abbey, you'll be able to change a character's vocation any time you visit, and once you have enough points in the Sage vocation's skill tree, you'll learn a spell that lets you change vocation anywhere.

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