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Is there an AR code that will remove my wings?

Hello. I used the following AR code to give my character wings. I was wondering how to disable it. I turned off the code, but the wings were still there. I can't talk to most of the NPCs in the game, and I cannot advance the story. Can anyone tell me if I can fix this with debug? If not, can anyone make an AR code that will terminate the code that gave me wings?

This is the code I used:

::in Angel Falls, push L+R+START+Up, enter or exit house then,L+R+START+Down, then enter or exit house again, must have 3 or less in the party
A2108844 00000201
DA000000 02108844
D7000000 020F3000
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FCB70000
12108844 00000201
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FC770000
DA000000 020F3000
D7000000 02108844
D2000000 00000000

ZoneZ5 provided additional details:

Disregard this question. My wings randomly went away.

ZoneZ5 provided additional details:

Wait... nevermind. My wings are gone, but I still can't interact with anyone.

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Tekkaman_James answered:

Bearing in mind that I've never used an Action Replay, let alone for DQIX, I do still a suggestion for a possible solution.

Assuming what I've heard on the boards is accurate, the only way to have your wings is to trick the game into thinking you're still the unobtainable "Celestrian" class from the beginning of the game. The reason you can't talk to anyone or initiate any quests is because those are things that your character can't do until after they have officially become a Minstrel (i.e. - losing your wings).

So, would it not be possible, assuming that there are such codes, to simply use a code to make your Main Character a different class? Since it would be impossible to be two classes as once, a code which would make you a Minstrel (for instance) would seemingly overwrite your existing "Celestrian" class in much the same way as changing vocations in Alltrades does.

Again, this is all speculative information from someone with no experience at these things, but I thought it might be worth sharing. Good luck to you!
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dunno001 answered:

If I were to guess, you've probably tripped a switch in the game without also reactivating the end switch, essentially locking you in to a mode that you really shouldn't be in. You may be stuck needing to restart your game, sorry.
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mdorothy answered:

I have a better solution....don't cheat lol. This game is WAY too easy to need to cheat.
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