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I have beaten all 7 bosses for the fyggs, but the game tells me I only have 6?

I've beaten the bosses in Alltrades Abbey, Porth Llaffan, Bloomingdale, Zere Rocks, Gleeba, Swinedimples Academy and Batsureg, in that order. For each it said I received a fygg, but when I go to my items, it says I only have 6. There doesn't seem to be a possible way I missed something so I didn't receive a fygg.
Is there a way I can fix this? I've gone to the Observatory to progress in the story, but no matter what I do or who I talk to, nothing happens.
Please help. I'm super frustrated >_<

awkwardsunshine provided additional details:

After checking some of the other places where I got fyggs, I checked up at Zere Rocks and it made me re-fight the boss, then I got the 7th fygg. Weird.

But thank you :)

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yak_breeder answered:

I would check the mansion in Bloomingdale. If I remember that's the only fygg you don't get immediately after defeating the boss.
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