Question from PaulineDonna

I have 3 questions?

I don't have "sap". I had it once, but I closed the game without saving. Can I get it back?
The woman in the tree won't teach me a party trick. Why not?
How do I make the mage use spells in battle? The game will only let me use the hero's spell.


Man0fBass answered:

Sap is a common spell. You can also use it through the Boss Shield if you have the Ultimate Key.
That's because you can't get one. I'd know because I have every single one.
In battle click on spells...
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TF2IsAwesome answered:

Sap is learnt through experience so just keep levelling up
"the woman in the tree" does not teach you a party trick
Have you set your mage to follow orders? If you havent go into Misc. then tactics and set your mage to follow orders
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