Question from iduke4

Is this a good enough party to beat corvus 2nd form?

my party MC minstrel lvl 45
Warrior lvl 47
Sage lvl 24
Paladin lvl 43


Theultranerd answered:

Just go to lvl:50s and you will beat him.
I beat him with lvl:60s but 3 died and the last one only had 100 hp.
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sb12345 answered:

I would have the minstarl learn athe move that rasie his/hers tesion and let the sage gain some levels around lvl 30 is good
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thecrazyzog200 answered:

You need to level your sage up quite a bit but your paladin should do well.
If you want to raise your paladins attack go to the secret shop in dourbridge and get a marauders maul but other wise he should be ok. Also to help train your sage up your warrior could use whipping boy.
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