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Which is better?

Okay, i have a suit of mirror armor and a suit of sacred armor, and im wondering, which is better? the mirror is higher defence and reflcts spells, but the sacred armor heals me and is only 2 less defense. help!!!!!!

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How do you upgrade it?

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Thx i got the sacro arm and it is superb!!


yak_breeder answered:

I'd go with the sacred armor (upgrade it though). The mirror armor is unreliable and you can use skills to reflect magic anyway.
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epb45 answered:

change sacred to sanscrnt, or whatever its called. Higher defence. but even then you could change the mirror armour to catropic armour. if i was you i would just make 4 life bracers (acceceroies that heal max 25 hp each turn.)
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epb45 answered:

4 For if you have 4 party members, of course*
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epb45 answered:

To upgrade, use alchemy
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