Question from LordReyson

Asked: 3 years ago

Problems with Quest #072 - Jump for Joy ?

I already have Staff Maxed out at level 100, but when I got Swineplanes and talk to the guy who is supossed to give me the quest, he just goes *cry* and *sob* saying I'm chripy and he wishes he could be (Go to teraphy man) but seriously why can't I get this quest?

Additional details - 3 years ago

I checked the Quest Guide and it says I need access to Low Level Grottos, and hmm.. I don't know how to do that o_o I beat the first Grotto you get and I got a Lvl 11 Grotto *Doesn't have much knowledge about Grottos*

My party is:
Paladin Lvl 36
Mage Lvl 46
Priest Lvl 46
Thief Lvl 47

Accepted Answer

From: yak_breeder 3 years ago

To get the quest, talk to him at night.
Once you get the quest, keep checking your grottos until you get one with Nemean at the end. If it's not at your level 11 one then keep trying new ones until you get him.

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