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Where can I find the skeleton suit?

This might seem complicated, so try to stay with me.
I was on DQVC the other day, and I thought about three things.

1) is it possible to change the date on the DS settings to get different items
2) if so, are there any special days I could change it to to get holiday items
3) could I rewind the date to buy an item I missed before?

I hope somebody can answer this. Thanks.


Immature_Sage answered:

I am sorry to say that it is impossible to obtain the skeleton suit outside of DQVC. Every time you connect with Sellma you have to download data, inside that data is the data for possible items for sale, meaning that no matter how much you fiddle with the clock inside the game, you cannot obtain different items. Why? Because the DQVC store depends on a source outside of the game. (If I am wrong, please post details)

The only other way to obtain it would be to use a cheating device like an action replay, but it will give you the piece of equipment (the looks and the defense points, etc.) without registering it in list of equipment collected. Meaning you will be equipping phantom equipment.

Do not worry so much, I am sure DQVC will launch a sale of exclusive equipments sooner or later.

Hope this helps!
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gamernerd51 answered:

Wifi during the seven days of scary sale
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