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Baramos or should I?

I am versing Baramos a lot at the moment ut I was wandering when you level Baramos up do you also get more experience points when he levels up?

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dunno001 answered:

Yes, as you level up the legacy bosses, they do get stronger, and their XP value increases. IIRC, going from level 1 to level 98 on it will double pretty much everything; unfortunately, this also includes his HP, attack power, defense, etc. I would definitely recommend putting a few more levels on him, I truthfully don't feel a 1 level difference, but the extra XP (and after a bit, chance for the orbs) is nice.
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Theultranerd answered:

By the way can he go back to level 1?
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dunno001 answered:

Unfortunately, no. Once he's been leveled up, he keeps the level. The only way to get a lower leveled Baramos is to tag someone who has him at a lower level. Starting at level 16, he is capable of dropping a map to another legacy boss, which you can get multiple of, thus having access to a lower leveled version of that boss, but not Baramos himself.
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