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Where can I find (seeds)?

I posted this on the board, but I'm not sure if that was the right spot to post or not. So, here goes:
Does anyone know how to do the "trick" seed farming method without the first map or the all metal enemy map? Long story short, I had no idea this method existed and got rid of my first map. I live in the middle of nowhere and have never met anyone that plays Dragon Quest, so trading maps is pretty much out of the question. Everything I've gotten in the game has been from truly playing the game. I'm level 99 with all my characters at all the professions. Here is my map listing of "untried" maps that show up on my first map page:

Platinum Crypt of Doubt: Lv. 45
Gold Mine of Dread: LV. 52
Diamond World of Doubt: LV. 57
Emerald Snowhall of Doubt: LV. 63
Ruby Glacier of Woe: LV. 65
Sapphire Runis of Regret: LV. 69
Platinum Waterway of Gloom: LV. 71
Platinum Maze of Bane LV. 74

I would appreciate any input as to how to get the seed method working. I have no problems not picking up any other maps and continuing to farm until I have what I need, so this can be a one time "help me!" :)

Love these games. I'm an older gamer (30) and started playing the original Dragon Warrior way back in the day on a 13" tube TV. Can't wait for DQX, but I really hope its on a home console and is epic in the same way that Dragon Quest VII was. Can you imagine a Dragon Quest with truly modern graphics??? I would have to take a week off of work! :)


Dragonquest69 answered:

Some seed are rare drops on some of the later enemies, using half-inch should make it faster, i've never heard of any "trick" to farming seeds.
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